Neutralizing Fluids

Stainless steel products go through a rigorous weld cleaning process before they end up looking as sharp and meticulous as they do. You have to choose high-quality weld cleaning machines, weld fluid solutions and relevant parts and accessories to make sure the surface regains its passivity and remains and acid-free.

Before you buy neutralizing fluid solutions for stainless steel welds, it’s important to determine which best suits your needs. The neutralizing fluid you use must be compatible with the weld cleaning solution you use.

Choosing the Right Neutralizing Solution

Neutralizing fluids are an important preventative measure to avoid the appearance of white frosting on stainless steel welds. They serve as an effective way to erase all traces of acidity or acidic chemical residue on the stainless steel surface after the initial weld cleaning process.

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The TB-41 Neutralizing Fluid for TB-30ND Stainless Steel Cleaner is a non-flammable and non-corrosive formulation. It includes fast-acting components that neutralize all TB-30ND residues.

TB-41 acts within seconds. We recommend a thorough water rinse after application to wash out all neutralized chemicals and TB-41 residues.

The TB-42 Neutralizing Fluid for TB-21ND and TB-25 Stainless Steel Cleaners is also a non-flammable and non-corrosive formulation. It’s specially formulated for use with the TB-21ND and TB-25 weld cleaning fluids to neutralize the weld cleaning solution and prevent corrosion.

TB-42 effectively removes acidic chemical residue on stainless steel surfaces. It’s a crucial part of the weld cleaning process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Weld cleaning fluid solutions are specially formulated for the electrochemical weld cleaning process, which erases the heat affected zone (HAZ) and repassivates the surface after TIG and MIG welding. Neutralizing solutions are used after the initial weld cleaning process to remove any acidic traces of the weld cleaning fluid and inhibit the appearance of white residue.

Before using any type of stainless steel neutralizing fluid, it’s important to rinse off all traces of the weld cleaning fluid with clean water. Then, after applying the neutralizing fluid, conduct a final water rinse to make sure there are no more residual acids on the stainless steel surface.

Conduct this neutralizing process as soon as possible after the weld cleaning process. This eliminates the formation of white frosting on the end product.

TIG Brush encourages manufacturers and end-users to explore all options before purchasing neutralizing fluid solutions. One of the most important factors to consider when choosing weld cleaning machine fluids is the solution’s compatibility with the weld cleaning fluid solution.

You can find more information about TIG Brush weld cleaning systems and Ensitech neutralizing fluids on our resources and information page. Alternatively, you may request specific information or a live interactive demonstration by our team by visiting the contact us page.

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