Electric Weld Cleaning Machines

Ensitech heavily invests in research and development to provide the most efficient electrochemical weld cleaning machines on the market. The TIG Brush brand has established a global reputation for high quality, maximum efficiency and low toxicity. This reflects in the inclusive and innovative range of electrochemical weld cleaners.

The TIG Brush electrochemical machines have multiple benefits:

  • Electrochemical weld cleaning is arguably one of the fastest, simplest and easiest ways to clean welds.
  • The portable weld cleaning machines aren’t confined to one area. They’re size and range allow them to conveniently be used on-site.
  • The equipment uses electrolyte cleaning fluids. These mild weld fluid solutions ensure greater safety to the user and the environment.

Electrochemical weld cleaners are particularly useful for stainless steel welds. The right equipment, parts and accessories provide great value for money by generating consistently superior cleaning and passivation results, serving its purpose for a long time.

Choosing the Right Electric Weld Cleaner

The TIG Brush range of electric weld cleaning machines offers enhanced power, 110V single phase power, weld cleaning and passivation features, polishing mode, and an IP65 degree of protection.

The TIG Brush weld cleaning machines are all optimized for use with PROPEL Torch. Each model serves a different purpose. Thoroughly explore your options before choosing one.

TBE 700 kit

This machine is fast, affordable, and powerful, and uses the latest TIG Brush technology to provide safe and efficient weld cleaning results. It’s ideal for light users who want to maintain the same level of weld cleaning quality from Ensitech’s most heavy-duty systems.

The 440 never compromises surface finish and passivation.

Get the best of both worlds from the TBE-550 weld cleaning machine. It’s an adaptation of the 700 weld cleaning series design so it can keep up with heavier demands. It provides the right balance of heat and electricity to provide consistently high levels of cleaning speed and passivation on light and medium gauge stainless steel.

The 550 quickly cleans dirtier welds at a reasonable price.

The TBE-700 electrochemical weld cleaning machine demonstrates world-class standards. The 700 series is the fastest and most powerful model of its type. In fact, its MIG and TIG weld cleaning speeds are at least twice as fast as its closest alternative.

The 700 series is the most powerful package of its kind.

You may get in touch with a TIG Brush representative to learn more about these products. In addition to choosing the right equipment, our team can walk you through the do’s and don’ts of weld cleaning machines.

TIG Brush

Combining Comfort and Performance

TIG Brush electrochemical weld cleaner machines are designed to provide next-generation comfort.

These machines are built with the user in mind. They combine the two most important factors of weld cleaning systems: comfort and performance. Their simplified controls contribute to ease of use while their compact build is ideal for portability needs. The machines are also bottom weighted so they won’t tip over.

Moreover, TIG Brush electrochemical weld cleaners feature Dynamic Power Transfer. This automatically regulates how much power the machine delivers depending on the weld surface. The result is a faster and safer cleanup with much less down time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Electrochemical weld cleaning is essentially a process of cleaning away surface contamination and oxidization caused by the welding process. Electropolishing removes a microscopic layer of the surface.

Our electrochemical weld cleaners are designed to clean stainless steel welds safely with maximum speed and efficiency. This has enabled manufacturers to eliminate the use of toxic pickling paste & less efficient weld-cleaning methods.

Yes. Ensitech offers safe and low-risk weld cleaning fluids. Our products use mild electrolyte solutions rather than hydrofluoric and nitric acid solutions.

Yes. All electrochemical weld cleaners have a 24-month warranty. Users may get in touch with our offices in Aurora, IL in the US, Emu Plains, NSW in Australia or simply fill in the online warranty activation form on this website.

Still not sure?

TIG Brush is more than happy to help you choose the right electrochemical weld cleaner. Fill out your details and our team will get in touch with you right away.

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