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Say goodbye to the gruesome days spent on cleaning welds with hazardous chemicals like pickling paste, hoping you meet every single safety regulation. When you use the TIG Brush, you bypass all the time-consuming frustration we’ve come to associate with cleaning stainless steel welds.

The proprietary TIG Brush technology allows you to clean welds in a matter of minutes and easily meet all safety requirements with ease. Ultimately, we want you to spend more time on producing and less time on finishing.


An effective weld cleaning solution is essential for all fabrication of stainless steel in industries that deal with construction, repair, maintenance, manufacture and production. In the past the weld cleaner task of removing welding oxidation was regarded as hazardous, time-consuming and difficult.

With advances in technology, electrolytic weld cleaning involves cleaning and passivating the metal surface by the application of strong electric currents and electrolytic fluids, in a cost-effective and fast manner. The process is also much safer when compared to the hazardous process of pickling paste application. With TIG Brush’s Stainless Steel Weld Cleaning System, you can also eliminate the time-consuming extra steps of passivation and surface refinishing.



We’ve transformed the weld cleaning process into 3 simple steps that work for you.


Dip the brush into one of the cleaning fluids available in our range.


Make contact with the weld, move slowly across in a circular motion (Re-dip if brush dries) and rinse the area with water.


Spray the weld with a neutralizing fluid available in our range and rinse the area with water.


Using TIG Brush’s effective weld cleaning solution offers several benefits.

Flexible and Safe

Our problem-solving technique creates a unique combination of electricity, heat and chemistry to deliver superior results in weld cleaning and metal surface finishing.


A weld cleaning machine speeds up the process with the guarantee of cleaning and passivating the surface concurrently, which eradicates the challenge of performing several steps.

Corrosion Resistance

The stainless steel weld cleaning machine also provides exemplary corrosion resistance in comparison to alternative cleaning techniques.


The TIG Brush's breakthrough electrochemical cleaning process has finally enabled manufacturers to eliminate the use of pickling paste & less efficient weld-cleaning methods and is being rapidly adopted as the preferred stainless steel weld-cleaning technology of quality and safety-conscious industries across the globe. 


Our electropolishing services have been developed to address the rising need for safe and fast cleaning solutions for stainless steel. Electrochemical weld cleaning consists of lightweight and compact equipment that is strong enough to get rid of imperfections after welding. 

With the right weld passivation machine, we provide a fast and safe alternative to hazardous methods, and our customers are proof of the quality of our products.

At TIG Brush, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. We offer a wide range of services and products that are ideal for different industries to help you boost your output, reduce the costs of production, reduce consumable expenses and more. If you are looking for an outstanding electropolishing stainless steel solution, you can reach out to us via our contact page


With distributors around the globe, our team of stainless steel weld cleaner specialists can help you to decide on the best option and products for your business. If you are located in a remote area, you can schedule a live virtual demonstration of the TIG Brush with our team.

Extensive laboratory testing has confirmed that Ensitech’s weld cleaning process passivates stainless steels in accordance with ASTM international standards. The intense heat generated during welding of stainless steel causes oxidation and chromium depletion in the alloy’s surface layer, as well as unsightly heat tint around the weld area. Independent testing by Gauge Industrial and Environmental, using a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), has shown that cleaning with a TIG Brush and genuine TIG Brush fluids remove all detectable oxides from the weld zone, and return chromium levels in the surface layer to greater levels than found in the original unwelded surface.


The tests found cleaning with a TIG Brush to produce results superior to pickling paste, together with the safety aspect of TIG Brush technology. These results have also been confirmed by an independent passivation report conducted by The Welding Institute (TWI) in Cambridge. A key finding of the report concluded: “All the TIG Brush chemical variants studied improve the corrosion resistance of a welded sample, such that the corrosion rate is reduced to below that of unwelded steel.”

Weld cleaning fluids are used during the TIG Brush electrochemical weld cleaning process.  The fluid is designed to be safe at room temperature, but aggressively remove the heat-tint found on stainless steel welds after TIG and MIG welding.


Ensitech manufacture a range of weld-cleaning fluids catering for different user needs. The range of fluids also includes pre-welding fluids for the removal of surface corrosion or contamination before welding takes place.

Each weld cleaning solution has a corresponding neutralizing solution which brings to an end the weld-cleaning process and prevents white residues from forming later.


The optimal combination of fluids will depend on the type of weld being cleaned, the safety regulations of the industry, and what priority is placed on cleaning speed versus degree of finish.

Yes, weld cleaning solutions are safe to use provided they are used in accordance with manufacturers recommendations and with the appropriate PPE.


Ensitech’s weld cleaning fluids are NSF approved, meaning they are safe to use even in the stringent food industries. The fastest weld cleaning fluids are acidic, but are safe to use when used according to recommendations. For the safety conscious there is a ph neutral fluid, which is completely safe and low risk. The wide range of fluids cater to different customer needs, giving you the confidence that you are able to select the best fluids for your particular application. You should have no qualms using Ensitech fluid range as a part of your TIG Brush weld-cleaning process.


As a precautionary note, you may run into safety issues when using “Pickling Pastes” to clean stainless-steel welds, as these usually contain hydrofluoric and/or nitric acid. If you are using Pickling Paste to do weld cleaning, consider switching to the safer, scientifically proven Ensitech electrolytic weld cleaning solutions as soon as possible.

If you take pride in your work and require fast, safe stainless-steel weld cleaning, then you should choose Ensitech cleaning fluids for your TIG Brush.


Ensitech cleaning fluids have been designed to assist in every aspect of stainless-steel cleaning and surface preparation.  Whether it's pre-weld surface preparation, weld cleaning itself, or providing a fingerprint free surface, there’s an Ensitech fluid that’s right for the job. Ensitech even has solutions for printing and engraving stainless steel.


All Ensitech pre weld, weld cleaning and post cleaning fluids carry a certification from the highly respected NSF standards and testing foundation. External certification by an independent organisation such as the NSF is another reason to choose Ensitech cleaning fluids for your job.


Still not convinced?  Why not read some of the excellent testimonials we’ve received from happy industry experts using Ensitech fluids.

There’s an Ensitech weld cleaning machine fluid for all stages of the weld cleaning process.


Separated by handy sub-categories, we encourage you to browse all of our products on this page above.  Our weld cleaning solutions are divided into the following categories:

  • Pre-weld cleaning
  • Neutralizing the surface
  • Cleaning the surface
  • Finishing
  • Printing and Engraving

For more information, check out our resources and information page where you can download all of the extra literature you require, all provided in handy pdf documents designed to assist you when you need it.


Choose the right weld cleaning solution for the right phase of the job and finish with an end product that you can be proud of.

If you’re looking for more information on the TIG Brush or any of our Ensitech cleaning fluids, then click the link to our contact us page and fill out the form.  We’re available to help you select the right fluid for your job and finish your weld in the exact manner you require.


From there, you can also request information, obtain a quote or even schedule a live interactive demonstration by our experienced team.


Simply fill out your details and the TIG Brush team will be in touch right away to answer your question.

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