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Minor flaws, discolouration and a reduction of the anticorrosive properties of stainless steel are unavoidable during the TIG and MIG welding processes. These don’t have to be permanent, though. The electrochemical weld cleaning system is a fast and effective way to clean and repassivate stainless steel surfaces. Make your weld cleaning process even safer by using the right weld cleaning fluid solutions.

Ensitech cleaning fluids are some of the best weld cleaning solutions on the market.

  • These products are designed for quick stainless steel weld cleaning processes.
  • Ensitech formulates electrolyte weld cleaning fluids for enhanced user safety.
  • There’s an Ensitech weld cleaning fluid for every stage of the stainless steel welding process.
  • All Ensitech cleaning fluids have an NSF Non-Food Compounds Registration Programme certification.

The overall efficiency of your weld cleaning equipment greatly depends on the parts and accessories that you use. The quality of weld fluid solutions matters, too. Explore all options before purchasing weld cleaning fluids.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Fluid

TIG Brush features a variety of stainless steel cleaning fluids for different applications. The premium product range has everything from chemically stringent solutions to high-powered fluids. All are designed to clean and passivate stainless steel surfaces as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Explore our selection of innovative weld cleaning fluids.

This light-duty weld cleaning fluid offers high performance. It effortlessly cleans, polishes and passivates stainless steel surfaces. Additionally, this product has a Non-Dangerous rating which contributes to greater user safety and more economical freight costs.

TB-21ND shows the best results when used with TB-42 neutralizing fluid.

This high-powered weld cleaning fluid is the most efficient stainless steel cleaning solution in our product range. The highly concentrated formula is made of the highest quality components. It generates unrivaled results on the harshest stainless steel welds.

Take note that this premium product has a Dangerous Good (DG) rating for transport purposes.

TB-25 works best when used with TB-42 neutralizing fluid.

This biodegradable weld cleaning fluid is formulated specifically for facilities that don’t deal with corrosive chemicals. The stainless steel weld cleaning fluid is environmentally friendly. It works just as efficiently as TB-25. But it isn’t designed to polish weld surfaces.

TB-30ND generates the best results with TB-41 neutralizing fluid.

This neutral weld cleaning fluid for stainless steel is custom designed and patented for maximum safety. It’s a pH-neutral and fast-acting formulation that combines the cleaning and neutralization processes. It doesn’t leave white frosting. It doesn’t alter high-polish stainless steel, either.

TB-31ND is an environmentally safe fluid that is easily used, stored, and transported.

Before buying weld cleaning fluid, make sure it’s compatible with your weld cleaning machine as well as your stainless steel cleaning, neutralizing and passivation applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Weld cleaning fluids are essential to electrochemical weld cleaning processes. The liquid product removes the heat affected zone (HAZ) after TIG and MIG welding processes. Neutralizing weld cleaning fluids are typically applied to the surface afterwards to remove acidic residues.

Ensitech electrolyte weld cleaning fluids are low risk, they are made from  analytical grade components so they are scientifically safer to use than hydrofluoric and nitric acid weld cleaning solutions. You won’t run into any safety issues when using our electrolyte cleaning solutions with your TIG Brush weld cleaning systems.

Ensitech features different types of fluid solutions for different stages of the weld cleaning process. The products fall into various categories including pre-weld, weld cleaning, neutralizing, finishing and branding. Our resources and information page has more information about this.

If you would like to know more about the weld cleaning fluids before making a purchase, you may request information by filling out the form on our contact page. You can also request a quote and schedule live demonstrations of our featured products.

Still not sure?

TIG Brush is more than a weld cleaning fluid supplier. Our team helps you determine the best type of fluid solutions based on your needs. Fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you as quickly as possible.

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