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The TIG Brush™ Stainless Steel Weld Cleaning System promises quick and effective results. It performs even better when used with Ensitech weld cleaning brush tips which are made from premium quality materials.

Standard Brush 10-pack
Part No. P1006-0010

Ensitech brush tips are manufactured in Australia from premium quality materials to ensure the best performance from the TIG Brush. Brush tips are available in packs of 10.

PROPEL Torch Brush 10-pack
Part No. P1106-0010N

Ensitech’s second generation PROPEL Torch brushes (patent pending) are manufactured in Australia with premium quality materials to ensure the best performance with your PROPEL Torch. PROPEL Torch brush tips are available in packs of ten.

Which weld cleaning brush is right for you?

TIG Brush features two types of brush tips: the Ensitech standard brush tips and the PROPEL Torch brush tips.

Ensitech standard brush tips are Australian-made products that draw out the best performance from your TIG Brush when using the classic wand assembly. PROPEL Torch brush tips are patented and specifically designed to extend the brush life to help you get the most out of your PROPEL Torch.

Both products are available in packs of 10. Pick the right brush tip for your weld cleaning system.

What technology maximizes weld cleaning results?

Removing the heat tint of stainless steel welding may seem like a time consuming task. But it doesn’t have to be such a tedious chore if you’re using the right weld cleaning system. TIG Brush offers a tried-and-tested solution that gets rid of the unsightly discolouration and restores its anticorrosive properties without damaging the stainless steel surface.

The effectiveness of TIG Brush weld cleaning can be enhanced by the parts and accessories you use. Apart from standard brushes and the PROPEL Torch brushes, you can maximize the safety and performance of weld cleaning systems by investing in these Ensitech accessories:

  • Dual Brush Adaptor
  • Quad Brush Adaptor
  • Insulating Shrouds
  • Stainless Steel Wands
  • PROPEL Torch Collet
  • PROPEL Torch Shroud
  • Extension Cables
  • Handle Cables
  • Clamp Cables
  • Flexi Handle
  • Flexi Wand
  • PROPEL Torch

These parts and accessories contribute to a safe, fast and efficient weld cleaning system. They fall under the TIG Brush brand which has become globally known as the premium system for metal surface cleaning and finishing. It’s wise to stock up on these products, especially for manufacturers and contractors that constantly work with stainless steel materials.

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