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Ensitech has invested heavily in market-leading research and development to create a complete, premium range of innovative fluids for every aspect of stainless steel surface preparation, weld cleaning and finishing. Suppliers and end users remain loyal to these products.

In addition to this, Ensitech fluids are NSF certified and conform to the requirements of the NSF Non-Food Compounds Registration Programme. The NSF mark is your assurance that Ensitech pre, post and weld cleaning fluids have been tested and certified by one of the most respected independent certification organisations in existence today.

If you place a high priority on cleaning quality and speed, passivation and safety, use your TIG Brush with genuine Ensitech fluids. By following the recommended procedures of Ensitech’s Surface Finishing System® you can be confident of superior results.

Explore the premium range of weld fluid solutions for sale.

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Removal of contaminants prior to welding is a sensible strategy to ensure firstly that the best weld quality is obtained and then a quick and effective clean and passivation is achieved with the TIG Brush weld cleaning process.


Developed to remove residues such as light oils and greases on stainless steel surfaces. Lingering contaminants such as dirt, dust and oil may react during the welding and lead to defects, negatively affecting the quality of your weld and your desired finish.


With a choice of four innovative cleaning fluids from chemically stringent to high-powered, genuine TIG Brush stainless steel cleaning fluids simultaneously clean and passivate with proven results.


A light-duty, high performance weld cleaning fluid, which cleans, polishes and passivates stainless steel. Its Non-Dangerous rating makes it slightly easier to handle and economical on freight costs. For best results, neutralize with TB-42 after cleaning.


This high-powered premium stainless steel weld cleaning fluid is the strongest, fastest cleaning fluid in the range. With the highest quality components at high concentrations, TB-25 gives the user unequalled performance in cleaning, polishing and passivating on the harshest stainless steel welds. For best results, neutralize with TB-42 after cleaning. * TB-25 is classified as a Dangerous Good (DG) for transport.


A biodegradable stainless steel weld-cleaning fluid developed for use in facilities where corrosive chemicals are not permitted. Environmentally friendly, it cleans as effectively as TB-25, but does not polish. For best results, neutralize with TB-41 after cleaning.


When you have a need for added safety, this custom designed and patented fluid is pH neutral, fast-acting and needs no separate neutralization process. It cleans and passivates without polishing, leaves no white frosting and does not alter high-polish stainless. Environmentally safe TB-31ND allows maximum safety in use, handling, storage and transport.


Before using any of the TIG Brush neutralizing fluids, rinse off the cleaning fluid thoroughly with clean water. Then apply the appropriate neutralizing fluid followed by a final water rinse to remove any residual acid and eliminate the formation of ‘white frosting’ on your finished product. White frosting may occur after many days so it is important to follow this neutralizing process as soon as possible after cleaning.


Also a non-dangerous (non-flammable, non-corrosive) formulation, TB-41 contains a range of fast acting, effective components that neutralize any residual TB--30ND components. TB-41 will work within seconds so after application, a water rinse is recommended to removal all neutralized chemicals and excess TB-41.


A non-dangerous (non-flammable, non-corrosive) formulation specifically developed for neutralization of TB-21ND and TB-25 without the development of any toxic or corrosive products. TB-42 neutralizing fluid is an important preventative step in the complete removal of any acidic chemicals on the work surface.


Application of a finishing fluid will increase surface reflectability and prevent your perfect finished surfaces from marking through handling.


Cleans, brightens but also resists handling marks by leaving a molecular level layer on the surface of the stainless steel. Wipe or spray the cooled finished surface with TB-50, rinse down with water then buff with a microfiber cloth to achieve a brilliant shine and fingerprint resistant finish.


Be proud of your work. Ensitech’s branding fluids can be used to permanently mark stainless with branding, part numbers, barcodes etc. Ask for details of our Branding Kit and custom stencils.


Used with your TIG Brush with a specially engineered conductive head and stencils, TB-90 creates permanent sharp and dark lettering, logos, or any other design on your stainless steel. The process is user friendly, safe and fast with outstanding results within seconds.


Used with your TIG Brush, a specially engineered conductive head and heat resistant stencils, TB-95 creates a sharp, clear engraving for lettering, logos, or any other design on your stainless steel. The process is unequaled in speed, ease and permanency in adding an engraving to stainless steel.

Sample Pack

Don’t just take our word for it. Sample Packs are the perfect way to try our full range of award winning fluids to ensure your fluid choice will give you the performance you need.

Why choose TIG Brush and Ensitech systems and solutions?

TIG Brush stainless steel weld cleaning machines employ the right balance of heat, electricity and chemistry.

The brand aims to deliver the most efficient results in all aspects of weld cleaning and metal surface finishing. So, Ensitech heavily invests in research and development of all systems and solutions, from the PROPEL Torch product range to Ensitech parts and accessories. They’re designed for optimal performance in the most demanding work conditions.

On an additional note, TIG Brush systems feature Ensitech’s Dynamic Power Transfer technology. This has the ability to regulate energy transfer and generate consistently superior weld cleaning results.

It comes as no surprise that Ensitech weld cleaning fluid solutions demonstrate high quality and efficiency. Here are some quick facts about these products:

  • The weld cleaning solutionsare low-toxicity fluids that quickly get the job done.
  • The weld cleaning fluids are designed for maximum user safety.
  • The weld cleaning solutions don’t cause harm to the environment.

Ensitech is a globally renowned weld cleaning solutions supplier. Its products undergo many years of intensive research and productive development. Then, they are continually improved based on industry feedback and the latest technology. The R&D division also conducts independent testing and validation of each product to make sure they meet industry standards and guarantee user satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

The weld cleaning fluid is used during the electrochemical weld cleaning process.  It is designed to remove any flaws or defects found on stainless steel welds after TIG and MIG welding.

Neutralizing weld cleaning solution can then be applied after weld cleaning, which removes any unsightly acidic, white residues.

Using the optimal combination of Ensitech cleaning fluids will depend on the exact type of weld that you’re cleaning, as well as the relative priority that you place on either speed or finish.

Yes, weld cleaning solutions are safe to use.

Ensitech’s mild, electrolyte weld cleaning fluids used to clean stainless steel welds, are completely safe and low risk.  As a result, you should have no qualms in using them as a part of your TIG Brush cleaning process.

Where you may run into safety issues is if you’re cleaning stainless steel welds with hydrofluoric or nitric acid.  If either of these are a part of your weld cleaning process, make the switch to a scientifically safer, Ensitech weld cleaning solution immediately.

If you take pride in your work and require a fast, safe stainless steel weld clean, then you should choose Ensitech cleaning fluids for your TIG Brush.

Ensitech cleaning fluids have been designed to assist in every aspect of stainless steel cleaning and surface preparation.  Whether it’s weld cleaning or finishing, there’s an Ensitech cleaning fluid that’s right for the job.

All Ensitech pre, post and weld cleaning fluids carry a certification from the highly respected NSF Non-Food Compounds Registration Programme. This external recognition by an independent organisation such as the NSF is another reason to choose Ensitech cleaning fluids for your job.

Still not convinced?  Why not read some of the excellent testimonials we’ve received from happy industry experts using Ensitech fluids.

There’s an Ensitech weld cleaning machine fluid for all stages of the weld cleaning process.

Separated by handy sub-categories, we encourage you to browse all of our products on this page above.  Our weld cleaning solutions are divided into the following categories:

  • Pre-weld cleaning
  • Neutralizing the surface
  • Cleaning the surface
  • Finishing
  • Marking

For more information, check out our resources and information page where you can download all of the extra literature you require, all provided in handy pdf documents designed to assist you when you need it. 

Choose the right weld cleaning solution for the right phase of the job and finish with an end product that you can be proud of.

If you’re looking for more information on the TIG Brush or any of our Ensitech cleaning fluids, then click the link to our contact us page and fill out the form.  We’re available to help you buy the right fluid for your job and cleanly finalise your weld in the exact manner you require.

From there, you can also request information, get a quote or even schedule a live interactive demonstration by our experienced team.

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