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Kono Kogs Inc. Revolutionizes Metal Finishing with the TIG Brush

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Established in 1996, Kono Kogs, Inc. is a global leader in supplying quality, refurbished thermal, catalytic, and regenerative thermal oxidizers and new VOC rotary concentrator systems. With over 500 installations worldwide, Kono Kogs has built a reputation for its process knowledge, drawn from the core team’s 150+ years of combined application and technical experience.

Kono Kogs’ strength lies in its fabrication and assembly experience, which has been leveraged by many OEMs for the fabrication of their equipment. Whether supplementing an OEM’s manufacturing capabilities or acting as their primary fabricator and assembler, Kono Kogs has been a partner in many OEM success stories.


Two and a half years ago, Kono Kogs took a significant step by vertically integrating and adding fabrication capabilities. This move allowed them to have better control over quality and meet customer lead times more effectively.

One of the main components of their oxidizer systems are Diverter Tee Dampers, which they began to produce in-house. Some applications required the use of stainless-steel materials due to the corrosive nature of the processes. Initially, these dampers were passivated manually using a clean stainless steel wire brush or a hazardous pickling paste.

Joe Jordan, Manufacturing Superintendent at Kono Kogs, explained, “These processes were highly inefficient, and the finish did not meet Kono Kogs’ quality standards.”

The solution

Kono Kogs considered isolating an area of the building to separate carbon steel and stainless steel fabrication, along with the continued use of the pickling paste or a more aggressive dipping tank along with a wash bay. However, this solution was costly, hazardous, and would have resulted in a loss of production.

A local distributor informed Kono Kogs about the TIG Brush from Ensitech. After an interactive demo, the simplicity and value of the TIG Brush were clear, and Kono Kogs decided to implement it.

The result

The TIG Brush has revolutionized Kono Kogs’ metal finishing process. It has not only sped up the process but also ensured worker safety, eliminated the need for capital expenditures, and improved the overall quality of their end products.

The TIG Brush process has opened new opportunities for Kono Kogs. Previously apprehensive about accepting stainless steel orders, they are now confident in the level of quality they can provide to their customers. More importantly, this process is much safer and easier for the workers on the floor to handle.

By adopting the TIG Brush, Kono Kogs has not only improved the efficiency and safety of their metal finishing process but also expanded their business opportunities. This case study is a testament to the transformative power of the right tools and technology in the manufacturing industry.

"It’s a great product. Amazingly simple operation, safe, and a great value."
Joe Jordan
Kono Kogs
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