Custom Made Stencils

Why are Ensitech stencils so good?

Ensitech multi-use stencils are hand made in Germany, using ultra-tight weave polyester that has been repeatedly tested to be the most durable material for metal printing and engraving applications. The printing process uses a machine that is uniquely calibrated for stencil printing as fine as 3000dpi. Another important factor is the quality control; our manufacturer, who oversees all production processes, has been refining his craft for more than 30 years and allows nothing but perfection to leave his facility.

Don’t just take our word for it though; our customers regularly say they have used other stencils on the market and consistently confirm our stencil material and process is the best in the business.

Your image can be applied to a stencil in sizes starting from as small as 5mm x 20mm (.2” x .8”) up to the maximum standard size* of 700mm x 500mm (27.5” x 20”). For handling purposes, the stencil will have an additional 25mm (1”) bleed or border. Custom made stencils can be designed to suit your requirements.

*Larger stencils can be made on request

All stencils can be ordered and supplied with, or without a plastic carrier/frame. The stencil is firmly clamped in the frame to prevent the stencil from “warping” during use.

For extra-large stencils and special etchings, we also offer stencils with aluminum frames up to the maximum standard size* of 700 x 500 (27.5” x 20”). Stencils with an aluminum frame are suitable for large lettering on flat objects.

Stencils with an aluminum frame are NOT SUITABLE for round tanks or round containers

This is completely dependent on a variety of factors including the steel, surface, electrolyte, etching device, amperage and size of the stencil.  With the right equipment, fluid, process and care, customers reported over 1,000 cycles with a single stencil.  With the wrong equipment, fluid and process or lack of care, customers have reported far less. 

The TIG Brush machine has a carefully selected amperage setting and applicator material for indelible printing and engraving with our stencil variant.

TIG Brush printing and engraving fluids have been specifically developed in conjunction with our stencil manufacturer. This combination has proven to be extremely effective and consistent when applied correctly.

We provide a variety of written instructions and videos to help our customers learn the printing and engraving process. However, like all manufacturing processes, each application is unique and will require some initial testing and practice to get it exactly right. That’s why we provide a sample stencil in every Branding Kit.

After printing or engraving, rinse the stencil with clean, warm water and gently rub the yellow area to make sure there is no residual fluid, dust or metal filings. Then, lay it flat to dry naturally and store it between two clean paper sheets (copy paper works best).


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