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TIG Brush has an international reputation for safe and efficient weld cleaning and surface finishing technology. Our products aren’t limited to weld cleaning machines and weld fluid solutions, though. Our product range also includes insulating shrouds and other consumables that help users remain consistent on the job.

Choosing the Right Insulating Shroud

TIG Brush parts and accessories live up to Ensitech’s high quality standards. Every insulating shroud we manufacture ensures seamless compatibility with the TIG Brush weld cleaning system. Meanwhile, the PROPEL Torch replacement shrouds help users generate consistently safe and efficient results.

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Proper Torch Shroud

TIG Brush puts emphasis on the importance of using an insulating shroud as outlined in the weld cleaning system’s operating instructions. Made from tough and hard-wearing PTFE, it is important to ensure you use a shroud on your brush at all times to maximize user safety and prevent equipment damage.

Our replacement insulating shrouds are available for single brush tips, which are the standard for TIG Brush units. We also have dual brush shrouds and quad brush shrouds for heavier-duty work.

The PROPEL Torch is Ensitech’s answer to the call for quick, safe and economical weld cleaning solutions. It’s an adjustable weld cleaning torch with an ergonomic T-shaped handle. 

With the correct maintenance schedule, the PROPEL Torch and its consumables will last for a long time. Users only need to replace the shroud and collet, and the equipment will resume operating with maximum efficiency. The replacement shrouds are designed specifically for use with the PROPEL Torch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ensitech’s TIG Brush technology is globally renowned as a system designed and developed to deliver  a unique balance of heat, chemistry and electricity to achieve optimum weld cleaning and surface finishing results.

The added performance enhancements such as the Dynamic Power Transfer technology and the PROPEL Torch, prove Ensitech’s capability to think outside the box to develop solutions that exceed users expectations.

Your insulating shroud of choice depends on which TIG Brush unit you use and how heavy-duty or large your weld cleaning jobs are. Single brush shrouds are the standard but you may choose dual or quad brush shrouds when cleaning larger stainless steel weld surfaces.

Replace PROPEL Torch consumables such as shrouds, brushes and collets only with genuine Ensitech consumables designed for the TIG Brush this weld cleaning system.

The TIG Brush is a tried-and-tested weld cleaning solution for manufacturers and end users in various industries. Our team is driven by innovation and fueled by constant research and development. As a result, our weld cleaning and surface finishing solutions answer and address many industry’s’ concerns.

Some of the most common industries that use our products include the aerospace industry, building and construction, the energy industry, food and beverage, marine, materials handling, metal fabrication, and oil and gas.

Get more information about the TIG Brush and PROPEL Torch technology on our resources and information page. You may also make direct inquiries or request a quote by filling out the form on our contact us page.

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