Push, Lock, Clean - it's that simple!

Experience the future of TIG Brush accessories with Ensitech’s LokWand, featuring our ground-breaking Push-In Brush (PIB) technology. This innovative accessory offers a sliding shroud and wand solution that can be effortlessly locked into place, providing you with unparalleled control using pre-set brush length adjustment, optimised for maximum efficiency and prolonged brush life.

Simplicity in design with only 3 parts

“We were sold as soon as we saw the TIG Brush clean up our worst welds in seconds”

Todd Cull
General Manager of Diamond

Unmatched Simplicity and Precision

The LokWand’s shroud, constructed from durable and heat-resistant PTFE, not only insulates but also restricts the brush’s splay for more focused cleaning. With a simple thumb tab, you can easily adjust and lock the brush length, directing power output where it’s most efficient – right at the brush tip. The LokWand is not only incredibly simple to use but also easy to clean and maintain, making it an essential addition to your TIG Brush toolkit.

Next Evolution in TIG Brush Accessories

Leveraging the latest PIB technology, the LokWand offers enhanced resistance to brush corrosion and seizing. The precision engineering of the PIB allows the brush to be easily inserted and held in place, providing you with a reliable and efficient application tool. This technology not only simplifies the cleaning process but also boosts productivity, saving you time.

Machine Kit Option

LokWand Kit

The LokWand Kit includes all the essentials you need to start cleaning welds using the new LokWand.

Premium Range of Innovative Fluids

When used with Ensitech Genuine fluids, the LokWand delivers an easy and cost-effective method to cleaning and passivating stainless-steel, ensuring your welds are cleaned and protected against potential corrosion.


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