Clamp Cable (New Improved Design)

The new design enables the end user to replace the plug, cable or handle as separate units. Cable size has been increased by 60% to 16mm2, to better deliver the output of the world’s most powerful stainless steel surface finishing system. Replacement handle cables are available in 10’, 13’ and 20’ standard lengths or different cable lengths can be customised at point of order.

Clamp Cable TBE 10' New improved design

Standard 10' Clamp Cable suitable for use with the TBE-160 & TBE-250 models.

Clamp Cable TBE 13' New improved design
Part No. P1169-CC13F

Standard 13' Clamp Cable supplied with the TBE-440 & TBE-550 models.

Clamp Cable TBE 20' New improved design
Part No. P1170-CC20F

Standard 20' Clamp Cable supplied with the TBE-700 model.


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