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TIG Brush is a weld cleaning and metal finishing system that delivers the fastest and safest results. The different models demonstrate high performance, world class standards and great value for money. Regardless of the capability of each model, all are designed to perform consistently for a long time.

While durable and dependable, the TIG Brush does come with a series of replacement consumable parts and accessories that ensure uniform work quality over time. Cables, for example, are one of the most commonly replaced or added accessories weld cleaning machines.

TIG Brush parts and accessories are just as high-quality as TIG Brush weld cleaning machines, the PROPEL Torch system and weld fluid solutions. Explore the different types of cables that help streamline weld cleaning and surface finishing jobs.

Choosing the Right Cables

TIG Brush machines are perfectly portable. They’re bottom weighted, too, for maximum stability. Users can carry them around the site as needed, or take them off-site for different weld cleaning applications. Ensitech’s  Dynamic Power Transfer also contributes to ensures faster weld cleaning and longer machine life.

TIG Brush machines do well on their own. But users can take it to another level with the help of the right cables.

Users will have no problem using TIG Brush machines regardless of the accessibility of a work site. Our extension cables add 20’, 40’ and 60’ to the machine’s reach. These cables are available in red and black. They’re available individually but they can also come as a pair.

Be sure to check the machines maximum length compatibility to ensure choosing the correct extension cable length.

Our handle cables feature a new and improved design. Now, users can replace the plug, cable and handle as separate units. The 16mm2 cable size is 60% thicker than the previous model contributing to better output delivery and longer cable life.

These replacement handle cables come in three standard lengths: 10’ for the previous TBE-160 and TBE-250 TIG Brush models, 13’ for the TBE-440 and TBE-550 models and 20’ for the TBE-700 model. We also customise cable lengths upon order.

Our clamp cable’s new and improved design lets users replace the TIG Brush machine’s plug, cable and clamp separately. The 16mm2 cable contributes to high performance and flawless delivery output. 

The standard cable lengths are 10’, 13’ and 20’. We accept cable length customisation requests, too.

TIG Brush machines find the balance between high performance and user comfort. This ergonomic flexible handle can be adjusted to an angle suit the operator’s preference and the work piece’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ensitech’s TIG Brush brand has a global reputation for quality, reliability and safety. Its machines work faster and last longer. They are safe and easy to use, too. By switching to TIG brush weld and metal finishing solutions, you’re choosing to streamline your tasks through using the latest innovative technologies.

TIG Brush technology utilizes a unique balance of heat, chemistry and electricity. When you use this technology for weld cleaning and surface finishing applications, you want to use parts and accessories that drive maximum safety and performance. Therefore, it makes sense to use genuine. TIG Brush welding cables, parts and accessories.

TIG Brush has clients from a diverse range of industries. Our products are trusted by end-users and manufacturers and confirm with the rigorous standards of many fields including the aerospace industry, the energy industry and the food processing industry. Many of our clients also come from the following sectors: building and construction, defense, food and beverage, materials handling, metal fabrication and more.

Find out more about TIG Brush technology, parts and accessories on our resources and information page. If you’re ready to request a quote or schedule a live demonstration of our products, you may fill out the form on our contact us page.


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