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Experience the future of TIG Brush accessories with Ensitech’s LokWand, featuring our ground-breaking Push-In Brush (PIB) technology. This innovative accessory offers a sliding shroud and wand solution that can be effortlessly locked into place, providing you with unparalleled control using pre-set brush length adjustment, optimised for maximum efficiency and prolonged brush life.

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Next Evolution in TIG Brush Accessories

With a simple thumb tab, you can easily adjust and lock the brush length, directing power output where it's most efficient - right at the brush tip. The LokWand is not only incredibly simple to use but also easy to clean and maintain, making it an essential addition to your TIG Brush toolkit.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase the LokWand?

The LokWand can be purchased direct through Ensitech (TIG Brush Manufacturer) or from a select number of TIG Brush distributors. Fill in the contact form below to find out more.

Can the LokWand be used with any model TIG Brush?

Yes! The LokWand is compatible with any model TIG Brush. Simply screw the LokWand into your existing Handle Cable. If you don’t have a Handle Cable, these can be purchased separately. 

Does the LokWand come with brushes?

The LokWand can be purchased in the following options to suit your needs: 

Option 1: LokWand applicator (no cable). Part Code: S-A1281

Option 2: LokWand + 10 Pack of Push-In Brushes Part Code: K-A1286

Options 3: LokWand + 10 Pack of Push-In Brushes + Handle Cable (4m)
Part Code: K-A1285

Is the LokWand compatible with M6 or PROPEL Torch Brushes?

No. The LokWand can only be used with Push-In Brushes. 

What is a Push-In-Brush?

The Push-In-Brush (PIB) technology simplifies the process of attaching brushes. With a straightforward push-in mechanism, users can quickly set up their tools without fumbling with complicated fittings.

Once inserted, the brush remains firmly in place. This ensures consistent contact with the surface, leading to more uniform cleaning results.


Traditional threaded brushes often face wear and tear at the threads, leading to reduced lifespan. The push-in design minimizes such wear, extending the life of the brush.


The design of the Push-In-Brush (PIB) reduces the chances of corrosion and seizing, common issues with threaded counterparts. This means less time spent on maintenance and more time on productive tasks.

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