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Why Systems Fab & Machine use TIG Brush to replace pickling and grinding.

As an AISC Certified Fabricator, Systems Fab & Machine have the experience and capabilities to handle all types of fabrication projects. 

With continual investments in their facility, technology and team members, Systems Fab & Machine has grown significantly over the years, their client list reading like a who’s who of commercial and industrial Fortune 500 companies. This growth has happened as the result of a long-standing commitment to high-end quality products and service.

The challenge

Systems Fab and Machine use a variety of MIG welding process in their stainless production as well as a Roto-weld machine that utilizes MIG to drive pipe fabrication. Their customers require clean and passivated stainless welds that have no discoloration. In the past, their finishing process was time consuming and laborious. They had been hand cleaning welds, using grinders and brushes, then using pickling paste, or acid washing the welds to passivate and protect the welds from corrosion.  This process required a lot of time, PPE and environmental precautions. 

With labor costs and availability at a premium, Elizabeth Nations, Vice President and General Manager of Systems Fab and Machine started looking for a faster and safer way to clean and passivate welds while maintaining their customers high quality standards.

The solution

Elizabeth had seen a video for a TIG Brush on LinkedIn and was blown away by the process.  Shortly after, they had some rust bloom that they needed to resolve.  Their vendor, Red Ball Oxygen suggested TIG Brush. In Elizabeth’s words, “it was as impressive in reality as it is in the video.  The citrus-based cleaner resolved any environmental concerns, and the application is quick and simple.  TIG Brush has allowed us to implement a quicker, more time efficient, and environmentally friendly alternative to brush or grinder cleaning”. 

The result

After implementing the TIG Brush system into their weld cleaning process, and comparing it to their previous process of grinding and pickling paste, Elizabeth specified the following advantageous results:

Result 1: The process cleans and passivate simultaneously, saving both time and money.

Result 2: The simple and safe method of application and process to use, means we can use any employee to complete the task.

Result 3: The end-result is a stellar looking fabricated piece that meets our expectations and surpasses our customers’ expectations.

“The system surpassed my expectations in ease of use and its capabilities to clean welds."
Elizabeth Nations
Vice President & General Manager
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