TIG Brush Cleans Up at FABTECH

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AURORA, Ill. (Sept. 24, 2021) –   TIG Brush™, the award-winning, electrochemical stainless steel weld cleaning system powered by Ensitech, showcased its capabilities at FABTECH in Chicago last week via innovative, interactive live-streamed demonstrations  broadcast direct from its headquarters in Sydney, Australia and Aurora, Ill, its North American office, onto three large screens at its booth.

TIG Brush was the only exhibitor offering livestream product demonstrations. Jon Franko, of Guerrilla 76 Marketing, wrote that the 10 x 20 booth was the “best use of innovation”’ at the show.

“The reaction from visitors when they saw we were broadcasting live and not showing a looped video was incredible and fun to watch.  People were so surprised when John Bienasz, who heads technical service, called out to them, drawing them into the booth where they could try the product for themselves and interact with the demonstrators,” says Zach Person, general manager, TIG Brush North America, who was onsite at the expo along with several other virtual and in real life team members.  

Clive White, Ensitech co-founder and inventor of the TIG Brush, participated live from Sydney.

“Being able to interact in real time with potential customers, answer their questions and guide them through using the product was key, and worth the effort even though it was the middle of the night in Sydney,” says White. “I could sense the energy and enthusiasm of our visitors even from 9,000 miles away.”

The TIG Brush and the proprietary fluids developed by Ensitech provide maximum weld cleaning and passivating speed and efficiency – safely delivering a solution that is simple to use and can radically improve and/or replace outdated and/or dangerous weld cleaning processes in the metal fabrication industry. The demonstrations conveyed the full range of cost saving benefits and technological advances the TIG Brush system brings to the table.

In addition to highlighting the speed, efficacy and value of the product line, the studio broadcasts showed distributors and end users how effective it is to host a live demonstration and/or technical support at their facility with no travel necessary.

“We can provide the best information – where and when the customer needs it – to make a good business decision about incorporating a TIG Brush machine into their production process.” says Person.   

“This hybrid presence at the show, with a combination of on-site and livestream team members, products which can be handled by attendees, and the live-feed demonstrations are the best ways to showcase our products, service, support and training capabilities, says Person.

Attendees could scan a QR code created for the expo to receive a free Starbucks coffee, obtain a 15% product discount and/or schedule a demo. The QR code also was made available to those who were unable to attend the show.

Ensitech is the inventor and manufacturer of the TIG Brush Stainless Steel Weld Cleaning System, and a global leader in metal surface finishing.  Combining expertise in electrical engineering, chemistry, product design, innovation and service, Ensitech products provide the industry with a safe, efficient alternative to outmoded methods and hazardous materials. For more information, visit TIGBrush.com.

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