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Announcing the New TIG Brush New Logo

The new logo design we are introducing represents where we have come from, who we are today while also symbolising our dynamic future. It features a clean and modern composition with a simplistic abstract symbol in front of the brand name. The symbol displays three stripes in a subtle curve to convey a brush stroke action, unequivocally a symbol that represents our company’s roots.

TIG Brush Cleans Up at FABTECH

TIG Brush™, the award-winning, stainless steel weld cleaning system powered by Ensitech, was the only exhibitor offering livestream product demonstrations. Jon Franko, of Guerrilla 76 Marketing, wrote that the 10 x 20 booth was the “best use of innovation”’ at the show. “The reaction from visitors when they saw we were broadcasting live and not showing a looped video was incredible and fun to watch.”

7 Common Mistakes About Stainless Steel Weld Cleaning Machines

If you haven’t seen one of these tools in action before, you may think you are watching a magic show. Rest assured, the resulting finish will ensure the manufacturers craftsmanship and longevity will be widely recognised in years to come, hence bringing more work through the door. So why is there all the doubt about stainless steel weld cleaning machines.

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