TBX-700 Weld Cleaner

World-Class Standard.

Do you want the FASTEST TIG & MIG electrolytic weld cleaner in the world? Years of experience, ongoing research and development and, customer feedback have resulted in the TIG Brush® TBX-700 attaining this status! Already recognized as the fastest, most powerful electrochemical weld cleaner of its type in the industry at a competition ending 110 amps @ 100% duty cycle; the well known and reliable 700 series retains market dominance offering a speed for MIG & TIG weld cleaning that is at least twice the speed of the nearest alternative. The machine can also be used for electropolishing, surface cleaning, and branding stainless steel.

“By far the best purchase we have made in a very long time…my only hesitation in writing this is that my competition might see it and buy one.”

David Vine
Managing Director of Bell Stainless

Bell Stainless

Kit Options

Classic Kit

The Classic Kit includes all the essentials you need to start cleaning welds using the Classic Wand and Shroud application tool.


The PROPEL Kit includes all the essentials you need to start cleaning welds using the PROPEL Torch for extra power, speed and comfort.

Flexi Handle Kit

The Flexi Handle Kit includes all the essentials you need to start cleaning welds using the Flexi Handle for 360° cleaning.

Most Powerful Machine

What more can you ask?

The 700 series remains the innovative, streamlined package you’ve come to expect from Ensitech, and continues to provide our proven combination of heat, electricity and chemistry to give you a surface finish and level of passivation, on both MIG & TIG welds which is the best in the industry.

Combining the TIG Brush TBX-700’s patented Dynamic Power Transfer with the PROPEL® Torch and Ensitech genuine fluids, gives the user peace of mind knowing they are operating the MIG MASTER and achieving the fastest, safest and most effective weld cleaning results.

Next-generation Comfort

We’ve built the TIG Brush machines with the user in mind. This means two things — maximum performance and maximum comfort. When these two concepts meet, we get the TIG Brush. It’s small and compact for perfect portability, has simplified controls for ease of use, and it’s bottom weighted so it never tips over.

Dynamic Power Transfer

The magic behind the machine

Dynamic Power Transfer makes it possible for the machine to automatically adjust how much power it delivers depending on the surface of the weld. This means the brush lasts longer, cleans faster and makes sure the weld maintains its quality.







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