TBX-550 Weld Cleaner

Economical but Powerful.

The 550 utilizes the 700’s design and technology to deliver mid to heavy application while being the most economical for its class. It’s the best electrolytic weld cleaner for those who need a powerful machine that can clean dirtier welds while also priced lower than the 700. The TIG Brush’s proven combination of heat, electricity and chemistry delivers superior results consistently and reliably. The machine can also be used for electropolishing, surface cleaning, and branding stainless steel.

“TIG Brush machine is about 3 times faster than the machine we were using…”

Dan James
Key Technologies

Key Technology

Kit Options

Classic Kit

The Classic Kit includes all the essentials you need to start cleaning welds using the Classic Wand and Shroud application tool.


The PROPEL Kit includes all the essentials you need to start cleaning welds using the PROPEL Torch for extra power, speed and comfort.

Flexi Handle Kit

The Flexi Handle Kit includes all the essentials you need to start cleaning welds using the Flexi Handle for 360° cleaning.

Fast. Economical.

What more can you ask?

TIG Brush® genuine technology enhanced to give you a superior finish. The TBX-550 utilizes a specifically focused adaptation of the 700 series design, to align its performance with Ensitech’s latest technological advance, the PROPEL® Torch. As you would expect, this gives you the superior results consistently and reliably delivered by our proven combination of heat, electricity and use of genuine TIG Brush cleaning and branding fluids. TIG Brush on going innovation and patented power delivery system gives you peace of mind in the knowledge that you have achieved the industry’s highest level of passivation in a fast but safe way.

Next-generation Comfort

We’ve built the TIG Brush machines with the user in mind. This means two things — maximum performance and maximum comfort. When these two concepts meet, we get the TIG Brush. It’s small and compact for perfect portability, has simplified controls for ease of use, and it’s bottom weighted so it never tips over.

Dynamic Power Transfer

The magic behind the machine

Dynamic Power Transfer makes it possible for the machine to automatically adjust how much power it delivers depending on the surface of the weld. This means the brush lasts longer, cleans faster and makes sure the weld maintains its quality.







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