TBX-330 Weld Cleaner

Game-Changer in Affordable Weld Cleaning

The 330 model is the latest addition to the TIG Brush family of top-tier stainless steel electrochemical weld cleaning systems. This Australian made unit has been made more affordable by the singular design focus on cleaning & passivation. It has the same renowned TIG Brush quality, offering a straightforward solution for safety. TIG Brush 330 efficiently removes discoloration, heat tint, and oxides from your welds.

“We were sold as soon as we saw the TIG Brush clean up our worst welds in seconds”

Todd Cull
General Manager of Diamond

Power in a Compact Specific-Purpose Unit

The TIG Brush 330 is the economical solution to weld cleaning when compared to the use of highly toxic pickling acids, or arduous abrasive processes. Experience the power, simplicity and safety of professional weld cleaning in a compact, purpose-focused unit designed for the occasional stainless steel welder. 

Built to Last for Rugged Resilience

The 330 is high vis and dust proof making it ideal to take onsite. It also uses the latest patented push-in brush (PIB) technology which is more resistant to corrosion and more resistant to seizing. In fact, PIB precision engineering uses fine tolerances so the brush can be easily pushed in and stay in place, providing the user with an application tool that is incredibly reliable and easier to clean and maintain.

Kit Option

LokWand Kit

The LokWand Kit includes all the essentials you need to start cleaning welds using the new LokWand.

Premium Range of Innovative Fluids

When used with Ensitech Genuine fluids, the 330 delivers an easy and cost-effective electrochemical process that cleans and passivates instantaneously, ensuring your welds are cleaned and protected against potential corrosion.

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Next-generation Comfort

We’ve built the TIG Brush machines with the user in mind. This means two things — maximum performance and maximum comfort. When these two concepts meet, we get the TIG Brush. It’s small and compact for perfect portability, has simplified controls for ease of use, and it’s bottom weighted so it never tips over.

Dynamic Power Transfer

The magic behind the machine

Dynamic Power Transfer makes it possible for the machine to automatically adjust how much power it delivers depending on the surface of the weld. This means the brush lasts longer, cleans faster and makes sure the weld maintains its quality.







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