Metal Fabrication

Metal fabricators and maintenance operators trust the TIG Brush for its reliable, high-quality results, coupled with speed and ease of use. The TIG Brush pays for itself over and over through increased productivity and cost savings. By massively reducing PPE requirements and OH&S costs, users find that the machine pays for itself over and over again. At the same time it enhances safety for operators and the environment and reduces the risks and costs of workplace injuries. The TIG Brush is the breakthrough in electro-cleaning that has finally enabled many manufacturers to eliminate the use of pickling paste and less efficient weld-cleaning methods. It cleans welds quickly, easily and safely to produce a corrosion-resistant surface that meets the requirements of the most demanding industries.

Metal Fabrication
Our Clients Include:
  • Dalkar Engineering
  • Metalco Pty Ltd
  • Orange Precision Metalcraft
  • Phillip & Sons Engineering
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