Food & Beverage

Food-safe applications such as equipment for food and beverage manufacturing, dairy, winemaking, brewing, as well as food preparation and service equipment, all demand the highest possible standards in surface hygiene and protection. These industries have been among the most enthusiastic adopters of TIG Brush technology, and their specific requirements and feedback have led to the expansion of Ensitech’s range of products suited to their needs. Examples include the unique TB-30ND Stainless Steel Weld Cleaning Fluid (a biodegradable product developed in response to demand in New Zealand), and the ground-breaking, patented TB-31ND Neutral Weld Cleaning Fluid for Stainless Steel (a pH neutral fluid developed for the Japanese market and now rapidly becoming one of Ensitech’s most popular cleaning fluids in Europe).

Food Beverages
Our Clients Include:
  • Diageo
  • Arcus Australia
  • Stainless Tanks Australia
  • Bega Cheese
  • Cassino
  • Northern Co-op Meat Company Ltd
  • Davies Way Pty Ltd (Dairy)
  • Lindsay Piemaking Equipment
  • Murray Goulbourn Co-Op
  • Kraft
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