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Why VGas replaced their pickling and acid bath process with the TIG Brush

Eastern Oklahoma Fabrication (EOKFab) is an ASME certified pressure vessel fabricator located in Cameron, OK. EOKFab specialize in all types of welding, fabrication, CNC plasma and flame cutting.

VGas is a solutions focused gas processing company that provides engineering, design, and fabrication to the global oil and gas industry. Located in Brookshire TX, VGas is committed to the development and deployment of recognized and cutting-edge solutions that can meet even the toughest production challenges.

Our highly skilled workforce is broadly experienced in oil & gas engineering and enables its clients to run profitable and successful gas operations through innovative Processing and Treatment techniques. VGas engineers, designs, and fabricates gas processing and treating plants tailored to each customer’s specifications.

VGas is involved in the power industry through designing and fabricating balance of plant equipment such as exhaust/inlet systems and silencers for various gas turbines.


VGas specialize in Modular Skid Packaging, Pressure Vessels and Gas Turbine Inlet/Exhaust Systems. Sandeep Ramachandran, President of VGas explained: “before using the TIG Brush our process was to clean welds using pickling paste. Small quantities were cleaned inhouse but when we had large quantities, we outsourced this process to a stainless steel treatment facility. This solution however, added time in transit and time to the cleaning process because the whole part would be dipped, the whole pipe would be pickled.

We were looking for a solution to replace the use of pickling paste that was safer and required less PPE. Like most businesses, we are always searching for ways to decrease unnecessary costs, so we were also looking for a solution that would solve the problem of outsourcing the cleaning and passivation process. One that was simple, safe, would reduce overheads and speed up the process.”

The solution

A vendor happened to send VGas a link to a YouTube video of the TIG Brush in action. After watching the video, they were interested to find out more. Sandeep contacted Ensitech Inc. in Aurora and one of the Ensitech sales team gave Sandeep a live online demonstration. This was followed up afterwards with a demonstration onsite at their Texas fabrication shop.

“Once we saw the demonstration, we knew we had found the solution. The TIG Brush cleaned faster than pickling paste, there was less waste, but most importantly, it would remove the need and the unnecessary cost of outsourcing the process. We placed an order for the biggest and the best, a TBE-700 PROPEL Kit then and there.”

The result

“We have found the TIG Brush to be an excellent solution to the problems caused by our previous processes. Since implementing the TIG Brush system we haven’t had to outsource the pickling at all because it can now all be done in house. It has definitely improved our process. The TIG Brush is also saving us in production time which in turn saves in the manufacturing cost of product. We no longer need to outsource the pickling and in manufacturing, saving 5-7 days makes a big difference.”

“The TIG Brush is a seamless process, it’s so easy to use, there is very little training required what surprised us the most was how simple it was to clean and passivate our welds.”
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