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Why Dryce® uses the TIG Brush in their Preservation Process

Experts in automotive dry ice preservation. Dryce® cleaning gives us the ability to clean any surface on a vehicle without damaging important components and leaving factory paint mark/stickers. Dryce® is a community where members contribute both funding and time to pool knowledge and resources to ensure new dry ice cleaning businesses are effective and successful. We collectively advertise and participate in social media to bring information to the public about dry ice and feature our members who are fully trained and knowledgeable about proper dry ice cleaning techniques.


Scott Ales, owner of Dryce explains, “once we completely clean the underside of high valued vehicles with our dry ice process, the stainless steel exhaust systems are discolored and take away from the aesthetic our clients’ desire. Restoring these systems back to new without removing them from the vehicle is the challenge. Previous to using the TIG Brush, we simply used a phosphoric acid solution which helped, but did not allow for a 100% complete execution. Cracks, crevices, and tight places were still lacking in appearance.

The solution

TIG Brush was presented to us by one of our DryceNation members. After a marketplace review, we felt the design and features made the product the premium tool for our use. The TIG Brush finally allows us to present a finished appearance which closely reflects what the vehicles exhaust system would have looked like when new. And in most cases, better than new! Once we removed surface contaminants using our dry ice systems, we disconnect the battery of the vehicle, place the ground lead closest to the engine and always work behind that point. This minimizes risk to ECUs, and electrical systems on the vehicle.

The result

We have forged a new inroad to high level vehicle underbody presentations! The combination of our Dryce® process in concert with treating stainless steel components with the TIG Brush method of passivation, has resulted in an underbody digital and physical result unmatched by any service outside our community. Preserving these vehicles for generations to come ensures value retention and enjoyment for our clients!”

“We finally can treat and present most original exhaust systems at a preservation / aesthetic level unmatched by ANY other process besides removal and or replacement. Our clients are beyond satisfied!”
Scott Ales, Owner

Don’t just take our word for it, check out our videos:

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