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Rust Reversal & Passivation Project with TRJ Engineering

TRJ Engineering Group is an awarded Melbourne steel fabricator, providing general engineering services to both small and large clients. TRJ fabricated a series of 316 stainless steel balustrading & aluminium grated flooring for their client, Mirvac, an Australian property group with a clearly defined purpose to reimagine urban life.

TRJ’s challenge

Mirvac had contractors fit the balustrading to the jetty at the Docklands, located in Melbourne, Australia. During installation, the contractors used mild steel tools to secure the bolts/nuts to the structure. This resulted in deep scratches that over time caused rusting on all nuts and bolts, as well as surrounding stainless steel. Damage to the passive layer also left the stainless vulnerable to contaminants in the environment, accelerating the corrosion of the stainless steel.

Mirvac consulted with TRJ as to the most appropriate method of rectifying the problem caused by cross contamination of metals and damage to the passivation layer. Discussions between Mirvac and TRJ concluded that resolving the rusting issue with pickling paste would pose an environmental risk to the area due to the jetty being located over the Yarra River. They also wanted a solution that would ensure minimal ongoing maintenance on the structure.

The solution

TRJ recommended Mirvac use the TIG Brush Weld Cleaning System to remove the rust and to passivate the affected areas. Ensitech were able to prove that by using the TIG Brush electrolytic weld cleaner with the correct fluids, onsite maintenance would restore the condition of stainless steel surfaces in a fast, safe, and cost effective manner unlike the use of pickling paste or abrasives.

After submitting the NSF approved safety data sheets (SDS), industry authoritative passivation reports, and explaining they were able to neutralise the fluids on site with minimal excess, Mirvac gave the green light for the repair to commence.

The result

Using the TBX-700, PROPEL Torch, TB-25 weld cleaning fluid and TB-42 neutralising fluid, all traces of rust were removed from the affected areas rendering the balustrading, fixings and affected surrounds clean and passivated. This rust reversal and passivation project took two hours and as shown in the images, the fittings, fixings and all surrounding areas were perfectly cleaned and passivated with no further blending required.

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