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Why East Oklahoma Fabrication Inc. use TIG Brush to replace sand blasting.

Eastern Oklahoma Fabrication (EOKFab) is an ASME certified pressure vessel fabricator located in Cameron, OK. EOKFab specialize in all types of welding, fabrication, CNC plasma and flame cutting.

Quality is priority number 1 at EOKFab, and all procedures are performed in accordance with requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and the National Board.

EOKFab's challenge

The particular challenge at this facility is that they fabricate carbon, as well as stainless steel vessels, in a limited space. Even though all vessels are sand blasted, before they leave the facility, the owner, Ray Finchum, wanted assurance that his end user would not have problems with iron contamination, leading to corrosion in the stainless weldments of the products they produced.

The solution

As an ASME pressure vessel fabricator, EOKFab always follow code. Ray explains, “we follow established procedures to prevent carbon contamination on stainless base metals, throughout the manufacturing process. We have used silicon and non-silicon-based products, as per our customer specifications. Our local welding supply distributor account manager had previously introduced us to the TIG Brush. Wanting better quality assurance was the final factor in choosing this product.

The result

The TIG Brush has allowed us to eliminate sand blasting in the weld zones. It has allowed us to clean and passivate our welds and heat affected zones in a timely manner, which eliminates the sand blasting steps in the manufacturing process. We have not analyzed the impact on our cost to do business, but we are certain that anything that eliminates sandblasting, will ROI very quickly.”

Result 1: The TIG Brush weld cleaning system has proven to be much more cost effective versus our previous process of sandblasting.

Result 2: It has allowed us to clean and passivate our welds and heat affected zones in a timely manner and mitigate the risk of corrosion.

Result 3: We know that product is going out the door faster and cheaper.

“The knowledge of the Ensitech representative. The great demonstration. The science behind why and how stainless steel should be cleaned. The realization that sandblasting could be eliminated from our manufacturing process. All of this added up to be a very positive experience.."
Ray Finchum
Owner East Oklahoma Fabrication Inc.
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