Case Study

Why John McKenna Chose TIG Brush for his 33-foot Stainless Steel Sculpture

Faced with having to clean and passivate thousands of spot welds, John chose an electric weld cleaning machine that was simpler, faster, safer and guaranteed the highest quality of passivation compared to pickling paste.

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How award-winning South African sculptor, Jean Theron Louw used TIG Brush to simplify her passivating process and save costly maintenance time.

Jean Theron Louw is an architect whose true passion lies in sculpting. She is also passionate about changing the unsustainable way in which we all live and, in her work, highlights the environmental crises we will all face.

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Why Systems Fab & Machine use TIG Brush to replace pickling and grinding.

As an AISC Certified Fabricator, Systems Fab & Machine have the experience and capabilities to handle all types of fabrication projects. In the past, their finishing process was time consuming and laborious. With labor costs and availability at a premium, Elizabeth Nations, Vice President and General Manager of Systems Fab and Machine started looking for a faster and safer way to clean and passivate welds while maintaining their customers high quality standards.

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Why East Oklahoma Fabrication Inc. use TIG Brush to replace sand blasting.

The particular challenge at this facility is that they fabricate carbon, as well as stainless steel vessels, in a limited space. Even though all vessels are sand blasted, before they leave the facility, the owner, Ray Finchum, wanted assurance that his end user would not have problems with iron contamination, leading to corrosion in the stainless weldments of the products they produced.

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