Ensitech named as an approved IWDC vendor

Chicago, IL. (January 31 2017) – Ensitech is proud to announce it has been named as an approved vendor by the Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative (IWDC) in the US. The IWDC cooperative, with headquarters located in Indianapolis, Indiana is an independent group of member owned businesses, offering welding supplies, consumables and equipment to over 600 plus locations across North America (the United States, Canada and Mexico).

As an approved vendor IWDC recognises Ensitech’s commitment to provide superior products and service to IWDC members and their customers as well as exceptional customer service. Ensitech is both honoured and excited to have received this opportunity to work with this highly respected cooperative, enabling Australian ingenuity to join forces with American high quality manufacturing. As an IWDC vendor Ensitech is committed to building strong relationships with all members and providing innovative products that offer the highest quality solutions and peace of mind for fabricators in the stainless steel industry.

Further information on the IWDC Cooperative is available at: http://www.iwdc.coop

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