NMW 2016: Paving the Way to New Markets

Ensitech Stand #1430
May 11 – 1
Sydney Showground,
Sydney Olympic Park
[1] source: AI Group

Against a solid backdrop of manufacturing industry growth – the AI Group’s March figures show that Australian manufacturing has grown for eight consecutive months and is now at its strongest point this decade[1] – this year’s National Manufacturing Week (NMW) will prove a buoyant meeting place for businesses looking for ideas, technologies and solutions that can help their businesses get ahead.

NMW (May 11 – 13, Sydney Showground – Sydney Olympic Park) is Australia’s largest, longest-running manufacturing event, bringing the industry together to see, touch and discuss new and innovative manufacturing solutions.

This year Ensitech celebrates its 10th Anniversary and to mark the occasion, NMW 2016 has been chosen as the platform for the worldwide release of the latest TIG Brush models; the TBX-440 and TBX-550 together with the most up-to-date application tool, the PROPEL™ Torch. These new innovative products provide the fastest, most powerful and highest-quality alternative to current weld treatment methods.

During product demonstrations, the “TIG Brush Effect” is the wide-eyed look of disbelief frequently shown by first time observers as they view the TIG Brush’s superior weld cleaning & passivation capabilities. Since its introduction onto the global market 10 years ago, professionals worldwide have adopted the TIG Brush® system as their preferred stainless steel weld cleaning system. We welcome you to visit us at the Ensitech TIG Brush® stand #1430 to witness the power of the “TIG Brush Effect” yourself.

Held once every two years in Sydney, NMW gives you the industry’s most comprehensive, focused showcase of new ideas, technologies and strategies for being at the forefront of change and industry growth. Entry to NMW is free for trade visitors and registration is now open at nationalmanufacturingweek.com.au. By registering now, you’ll access a range of services, including updates via the NMW website for this year’s game-changing event.

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